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VibWorks 2016 Update Report

We are pleased to share with you, the latest updates of VibWorks Product line.

We made sure to design a new user-friendly interface with multiple features combining comfort and ease of use for our customers. The update includes as well a reinvented and simpler machine management enhancing your efficiency and speed.

Using the new versions of the VibWorks products will provide you with a cleaner layout, higher management and stronger structure of your Workspace.

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CORTEX, a new product revealed at the 2016 IMC

BETAVIB is continuously developing a wide range of products and tools, aiming to fulfill customer’s needs with sky-scraping efficiency; but Betavib’s mission does not only engage the design of  cutting-edge technology products, it is also a new experience in team-client communication, that’s why we are doing our best seizing opportunities to be present and to share with you our expertise,  as a matter of fact BETAVIB Released major updates involving VibWorks products and most importantly, Its new generation of Permanent Online Monitoring Solutions: CORTEX MONITORING SYSTEM as a part of its participation at the 31st edition of the IMC held in florida. Continue reading CORTEX, a new product revealed at the 2016 IMC